Hello, I am Mukul Bhutani and this is an unimaginative but (hopefully) informative “about page”. Currently, I am working as an Applied Research Engineer in Apple’s search science team for Appstore. Prior to this I graduated with a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University.  The exact name of the program that I was enrolled in was: “Masters in Language Technologies”. It basically means that I got to study and do research in machine learning and NLP. Prior to that, I had a brief stint as a project assistant under Dr. Partha Talukdar.  Even before to that, I was working as a dev at Amazon, Bangalore,  in the India Machine Learning team headed by Rajeev Rastogi.

My professional interests include:

  • Machine Learning (especially applied to large scale systems)
  • Natural Language Processing (natural text generation is an area I am particularly interested in)
  • Large-scale/distributed systems

My “other” interests include:

  • Writing (poems as well as prose)
  • Running (ohk ohk….this is a new one, I just have a couple of half marathons under my belt).

Here is my resume.

Other news: 

  • I recenctly served as a reviwer for EMNLP 2021 and also got mentioned as an outstanding reviewer. Yay!